Potsdam: High Liveability on the Banks of the Havel

Once the place where Prussia’s kings resides, it remains one of the most liveably cities in Germany today. Potsdam—green island at the city gates of Berlin—feels like a retreat for locals and tourists alike with the sheer variety of its historic and cultural heritage and its lush setting of parks and lakes. Potsdam’s palaces and parks and its green surroundings are UNESCO World Heritage sites, attracting people from everywhere year after year. Sanssouci Palace is probably Potsdam’s best-known landmark beyond the city limits, and its name—French for “carefree”—is programmatic for the bon vivance of the riverside city. Despite the historic character of the city’s refurbished districts, you inhabit a vibrant place when living here, but everything in Potsdam happens at a slightly slower pace than in Berlin, the big sister city next door.

With its roughly 176,000 residents, Potsdam is one of the most popular cities in the eastern part of Germany, and this is true for natives who love living in the often elegantly refurbished flats as much as for visitors who love to explore the inner city, the surrounding areas and the many parks. So, there is a whole variety of reasons for coming here. On the one hand, Potsdam provides a richly faceted cultural landscape any time of year while, on the other hand, it boasts a well-developed infrastructure and is considered a young science and research centre. Indeed, it covers a broad academic spectrum that ranges from earth sciences to the Max-Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes and all the way to the legendary Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

Potsdam: Living between Parklands, Lakes and the Babelsberg Film Studios

The film studios in Babelsberg are inextricably linked with Potsdam, as they have been part of film history for over a century. In fact, the city by the River Havel is the cradle of Germany’s film industry. To this day, box office hits are made here while the film park lets visitors take peeks behind the scenes. Directly next to the studios lies the renowned film university that covers the entire range of degree programs in film studies. Potsdam will always remain a young and open-minded city whose diversified academic landscape and small-scale campus structures attracts students from everywhere.

Potsdam:  Elegant Inner City, Historic Suburbs, Scenic Setting

No matter where in Potsdam you live, urban living will blend with green environment and a highly developed public transportation system that includes trams, buses, rapid transit trains and a central railway station offering regional and long-distance service connections. Most errands are easiest run on bicycle, though, be it to commute to work, to go see a play at night, or to head out to one of the nearby lakes in the summertime. Are you, too, dreaming of an urban lifestyle in a green setting? If so, look no further than Potsdam. Experience the city’s high liveability and great popularity during a visit and, while there, seize the opportunity to view one of the elegant condominiums in the north end of the inner city.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro